What can I Expect From a Massage Treatment?

Your treatment will begin with a discussion of your client history form (please click HERE to download) and we'll decide on the best plan for your massage. You will then be left to undress to your underpants, cover yourself with a towel or robe and get comfortable on the table.

Your massage runs for the full time that you request, but feel free to ask should you wish to have more time. When your massage is completed your therapist will leave the room for you to get dressed.

After your massage we can discuss how to improve your problem going forward. Stretches and strengthening exercises for example, or tips on ergonomics, and we can book in for your next appointment.

Please be sure to drink a good lot of water after your massage (around half a litre, unless you have already drunk a lot that day) as good hydration can aid your recovery and wellbeing.

*This includes everywhere within approx. 20 minutes of West Pennant Hills. If you are unsure, please contact me and I will try to accommodate you or help you locate a massage therapist in your area.

Why do I Need to fill out a Client History Form?

The client history form helps give a good insight into what challenges your body might be facing.

Remedial massage is about remedy. Some disorders can have a very positive response to massage, and some have contraindications, so full disclosure of your health and conditions is very important. If you have any medical imaging such as x-rays, they can also be useful so please show them to your therapist. If you have had a recent or serious injury (within the last 6 weeks), x-rays are essential.

It is also important to be accurate about any medications or supplements as they can have repercussions for massage, for example some can impair muscle tone and pain responses.

Can I Request a Specific Technique?

If you would like a specific technique, for example lymphatic drainage or trigger point therapy, please include this on your client history from under "What would I like from my massage?", or alternatively call or email to discuss techniques that you would like.

Does Massage Have to Hurt to be Effective?

In my experience, no. Gentle techniques can almost always be as effective as deep techniques and they do less tissue damage, which means a quicker recovery.

Sensitivity varies greatly between people, so please do make it known if you're uncomfortable in any way as it is important that you feel safe and secure. Some deep techniques (such as trigger point therapy) can feel sore, but these techniques will be discussed beforehand.

Conversely, if you feel that the massage is not deep enough, please inform the massage therapist, who will apply more pressure.